It's All About The Flavour

All pizza tastes good right?
But it's what happens when you take that flavour to the next level and you have a whole different eating experience.

After many years running professional restaurant kitchens I've learnt that flavour is what people remember, those little explosions of taste you talk about for weeks after, the memories that are made from eating good food cooked well... This is what we do, we take the humble pizza and maximise the flavour using the best ingredients available each season throughout the year.

English heritage tomatoes to wild garlic, aged parmesan to micro basil, cured meats from Norfolk, oils from Suffolk the process behind the pizza is simple quality fresh vibrant flavours delivered in every single slice.

Where We Cook

Weddings! A great starting point.
In our experience not every couple wants to have a formal sit down meal but are searching for the more relaxed wedding in nice surroundings, or you want the formal meal in the day and then to wow your guests in the evening. This is where our team can help, 
advise and cater for you on you special day.


 Boxed Pizza can easily cook for as many guests you wish.
We do have a minimum of 50 wedding guests though
(thats the only catch) 

Apart from weddings we are freely available for festivals, concerts, fetes, public or corporate events and all kinds of home parties or gatherings. Take a look at the event pages to get an insight into what we do.